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What Guests can Expect from Techna-Tool Inc. and other Organizations at WIMTS

October 6, 2015

The Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show (WIMTS) is one of the largest trade shows held in America. This year’s event, which will be taking place from October 6th to 8th, 2015, will be seeing the participation of over 190 companies from across the country.

The participants comprise organizations from various industries. These include companies that provide industrial molds and EDM, abrasives, laser systems, foam products, calibration products and services, and metal fabrication products, to name only a few.


About Techna-Tool’s Participation

Techna-Tool Inc. is among the numerous companies which will be participating in the show. The organization specializes in providing tool and process monitoring systems for varied industrial applications. Techna-Tool’s success comes from anticipating the needs of industries. They design and manufacture specialized monitoring systems, which can meet specific application requirements.

Some of the solution driven equipment offered by Techna-Tool include:

  • Broken tool detection systems – scanners and controllers
  • Tool and production monitoring systems
  • Precision Hirth gears

These products and systems are provided in a variety of models to meet the needs of different industrial applications. At WIMTS, guests and industry colleagues will be able to get a first-hand look at Techna-Tool’s beneficial products and services.

If you are in or near Wisconsin, and would like to know more about Techna-Tool Inc., do take the time to attend the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology trade show from 6th to 8th October 2015 at booth #1054.


Techna-Tool Inc. will Participate in WIMTS

October 5, 2015

It is not every day that a well-known tool monitoring system provider gets to participate in one of the largest trade shows in America. This month, Techna-Tool Inc. is getting that opportunity.

Techna-Tool Inc. will be participating in the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show (WIMTS). The trade show will be taking place from October 6th to 8th 2015. The event will be held at the Exposition Center Halls B&C at Wisconsin State Fair Park. Visit Techna Tool at booth number 1054.

More about WIMTS

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MiJET: The Ultimate Parts Cleaning Machine

September 29, 2015

If you’ve ever had to clean off parts in a shop, you know how messy it can be. When using traditional methods like an air sprayer or aerosol can, the parts may get clean but the mess is unavoidable. The debris, dust, and solvent that is blown off the parts gets scattered all over the shop and even in the air you are breathing. Fortunately, there’s a better way to do it and it’s known as the MiJET!

Advanced Parts Cleaning System

The MiJET is an advanced parts cleaning system that lets you quickly clean your parts off using your standard compressed air line. And, while you’re cleaning the parts, a high powered vacuum sucks away the debris, dust, and solvent into a recycling container. Simultaneously, the air being sucked through the unit is also filtered to keep the air in your shop free from solvents and aerosols. To turn off the air flow, you simply have to release the trigger on the air nozzle. This will stop the air flow to the vacuum fan that will then turn the suction fan off.

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What Makes Techna-Tool Hirth Coupling Tool Unique in the Market

September 15, 2015

Invented decades ago, yet still up-to-date, the Hirth coupling is a connection and positioning component used across many industries for various assembly and machining processes. The design of the coupling is such that it allows you to position and connect shafts, disks, rotors, wheels and cranks with precision. They are amongst the most indispensable elements used for turbine shafts, surgical operation tables, agricultural machines, construction machinery and cranes, rail vehicle maintenance, 3D printers, machine tools, and much more.

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Two Main Components of the Broken Tool Detection Systems

July 21, 2015

The BK MIKRO products distributed by Techna-Tool are a series of broken tool detection systems. These systems are widely used by many companies to ensure the proper functioning of parts and machines.

Types of Broken Tool Detection Systems at Techna-Tool Inc.

The following main are the main components of the broken tool detection systems available from Techna-Tool:

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Why Must You Use Advanced Tool Monitoring Systems in Your Manufacturing Facilities

June 16, 2015

The automobile industry involves sophisticated machining processes to produce precision high volume parts. It is not at all a good idea to employ human labor to manually monitor tools, which may result in scrapped work pieces, machine damage, cutting tool breakage and downtime. Here comes the relevance of advanced tool monitoring systems which help you monitor for broken, worn and missing tools through spindle power monitoring or vibration analysis.

Tool monitoring systems are inevitable especially in unattended tool cutting operations. If a tool is missing or broken, the monitor in the device gives you an indication, and thus, it stops proceeding with the machining operation. Also, advanced monitoring becomes crucial to avoid unexpected machine downtime, machine breakage, tool damage, material scrap and the likely issues. Along with maintaining quality assurance, these kinds of monitoring systems save the entire machine from damage when the tool breaks.

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Understanding the ‘Learn Cycle’ of TECHNA-CHECK TC6400

June 8, 2015

TC6400 tool monitoring system is used in many factories that utilize machines for high volume production. This system monitors the spindle motor to ensure that the tools are not broken or missing. If the tools are compromised, it could lead to disastrous results. However, the TECHNA-CHECK TC6400 will shut down the machine and notify the user if a problem occurs. This process helps the company save money and machine down time. This blog posts deals with the importance of the ‘learn mode’ that can be activated in the TECHNA-CHECK TC6400.

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The 4 Significant Applications of Techna-Check TTMON

May 26, 2015

Machine tool monitoring is now easy and cost-effective with the launch of several types of advanced tools and applications in the market. You don’t need to manually check for broken, worn and missing tools, if you invest in any advanced tool monitoring systems. Techna-Tool possesses an impressive track record in providing these monitoring systems to execute highly precision required tool monitoring tasks.

About Techna-Check TTMON and Its Applications

The Techna-Check TTMON, which is a Microsoft Windows application, has gained a substantial competitive advantage due to its superior features, which are unparalleled to none. The application is used not only to enhance a part’s quality and tool life but also to protect your spindle and feed mechanism.

Several industrial and commercial sectors make use of Techna-Check TTMON for applications such as:

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About Techna Check TC-USB Model

May 14, 2015

Techna-Tool possesses an impressive track record in providing dependable tool and process monitoring systems to multifarious industrial sectors. Techna-Tool’s various tool monitoring system models help you with your automated production processes by identifying broken, worn and missing tools.

The Model TC-USB

The model TC-USB can be connected to the USB port of either a stand-alone PC or industrial PC in order to run tool monitoring applications. TC-USB, which is a communication controller, has the capacity to monitor 1-128 tools or cutting processes per motor.

TC-USB Model
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Why Should You Option for Tool Breakage Detection Systems from Techna-Tool

May 5, 2015

There has been an increasing use of tool and process monitoring systems in the manufacturing sector for the last few years. Several types of tool breakage detection systems are invented to monitor broken, worn and missing tools. This monitoring system uses advanced signal processing technologies to provide accurate results.

Efficient Tool Breakage Detection Systems from Techna-Tool

Techna-Tool is the most reliable name in the industry for providing several tool and process monitoring systems to multifarious industries.

Techna-Tool offers various models of tool monitoring/breakage detection systems that ensure automatic monitoring of the condition of a tool. Models available at Techna-Tool include:

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